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February 19, 2009

Here’s a shot of two of the student leaders on the Zero Energy House Project. Neil Parish is on the left, and Alan Reece is on the right. They’re both Masters of Architecture students.

So what’s this Zero Energy House mock-up?

Basically its a single room, designed for prefabrication, that uses solar panels and top-notch energy efficient materials and other technologies to wave ‘bye-bye’ to utilities costs… Its sort of a plug-and-play, ‘anyroom’ that won’t break the bank. It can be a kitchen, bathroom, office, or whatever the owner decides they need.

The possibilities for this kind of housing are interesting. They could serve as easy to install hotel rooms, emergency services buildings in hard to reach places, or they could just be homes.

These are some photos of the foundation of the Zero Energy House being built inside the UT Art and Architecture building.

The area surrounding it will be slowly filled up with this and other projects the architecture students cook up during the semester.

This little triangular support is now behaving as it should. The flat head on top of it wasn’t wide enough to really help clamp the steel beam in place. Lots of the materials involved in making this first building project are donated, but Alan and Neil were psyched about the idea of learning how to weld a new head on it. So they made friends with the metal shop and fixed that problem.

So next time I’ll try to post some photos of Professor Stach’s studio class and that crazy, map-covered room they use.

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