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February 25, 2009
Last time I promised I’d post some shots of Professor Stach’s design studio. So, here they are…
This is that wall I mentioned before. That really huge map on the far end is a google earth map of Beijing. The rest of these are of different parts of Beijing too.

The grad students in the design studio are working on designing a ‘green’ Beijing. The city has all kinds of housing and pollution problems and the Chinese have taken steps to reverse some of those problems. Replacing older, inefficient buildings with clean energy based ones would go a long way to help realize that goal.
Of course, these guys can’t just walk off our Knoxville campus and see downtown Beijing… so in about a week, they’re all hopping on a plane and jumping into China. They’ll spend a week in Beijing, touring some of the coolest buildings ever imagined – including the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube that were made for the 2008 Olympics.

This is a picture of Professor Stach and some of the students. (He’s the guy giving the lecture.)
And this is Jeff and Professor Stach talking over one of Jeff’s ideas for a series of commercial high-rises.
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