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We are ready!

July 9, 2009

As all good projects move along, we are organized and getting better. The excitement from seeing the building go from a solid to pieces is through the roof and on the lawn. We are staking our spot tomorrow. Be quiet about it. Ha!

Plan on collecting the beautiful rays from University of Tennessee’s Lawn! This is the start of getting the school excited about what we can bring to the table. We need friends in the community. Administration can see our goals and desire to be educated in what multidisciplinary teams can accomplish!

During the cleaning of the floor where our building once stood, we heard of other teams developing their work. They are preparing for when we piece the box together again for good outside. The PV team is becoming eager to test. The interiors team was testing ceiling design and details to the casework.

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  1. Jon Kahner permalink
    July 10, 2009 9:36 pm

    Today I essentially worked on autocad the entire day, the open interaction between teams has been helpful. I picked up some design changes from other teams as the day progressed. Once everything is in autocad (3 views) then subsequent changes will be easy to correct.

  2. Amanda Gann permalink
    July 14, 2009 2:34 am

    Another day closer to the deadline means crunch time! The site team is working hard detailing the steel guardrail/handrail for the fabrication to begin as soon as possible. Planning on finishing the shop drawings by lunch tomorrow. I worked on the details of the connection and redrawing the existing shop drawings to make them more correct. Also, we uploaded site pictures onto a computer in the lab and a jump drive, so we can use those accordingly now. Alan and the site team discussed the positioning of the footers so that we can get this floor to sit level. We are going to need some dirt removal but… TN1 needs to get back to us before we even touch the surface of our site work. Sections were drawn to get an estimate of how much we need to crank each one of the pieramids up to level the floor system. WHOO! Hopefully we can get out there by wed to get some of the pieramids and footers in the earth to get them level so we can start erecting the structure and get this show on the road!
    Still need to…
    -Pour footers for the deck and circulation pieces (2 we think and we need to figure our what will hold up the ramp)
    -Finish detailing the sections
    -place the footers on the site and level them
    -build the building skeleton so that the others can get started
    -build the decking system
    We are Ready and Super psyched! lets go SOLAR!

  3. Alyssa Stevens permalink
    July 14, 2009 1:18 pm

    – Created mock design for the stretch membrane (wall/ ceiling). The fabric is made up of 90 % polyester and 10 % spandex and was placed on a 2ft by 2ft frame with a staple gun.
    – Negatives: the force of the staple gun seemed to rip fabric, fabric did not seem as durable as we would like and stained easily, fabric was too stretchy and might be hard to work with.
    – Positives: Fabric did not ripple, would work great with lighting system and projection, fairly inexpensive, and non-flammable.
    – Ordered more fabric samples from Dazian Fabrics for testing . . . if the fabric works it is called in and ready to ship, costing $183.00 for a piece that is 24ft by 10ft.
    – Furthered design sketches for casework
    – Came up with millwork drawings for casework unit and sent to Frazier welding and steel company for price quote . . . unit to be made out of 1/8th aluminum, finish not yet decided.
    – Casework may be altered slightly before final drawings are created because it no longer houses any equipment and needs to be rethought out

  4. Amanda Gann permalink
    July 17, 2009 2:12 am

    Today was super exciting! I helped the roofing team cut some serious aluminum! AHHH the Shavings flying, the smell of burning aluminum, deafening sounds radiating through the atrium. With all of the CHIC people walking through asking questions, it made our day very interesting. We got to do a bit of advertising as well as cutting of aluminum. The rest of the group drilled holes in the aluminum with precision. Hard work is taking place to get us back on track! The structure team got the pieramids on site and level, awaiting the retrieval of the floor sips to start putting this bad boy back together again!
    Bad news today, we found out that the ramp is wrong and now we must fix it so that it will work with the site. I thought of an idea that might help our problem.

    IDEA: Where the ramp hits the earth near the sidewalk, it could rest on some sort of paver to lift the ramp to the correct height. I don’t really know if this would work, but it is just an idea!

    I will come in tomorrow and help work out the situation with the site. Thank you for letting me be so involved. As an underclassman, I know that I do not have the experience that many of the other students possess, but I have desire to learn and I will work very hard to achieve our goals.

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