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Another Day with the Media

July 28, 2009

The teams are all over the campus today. The decking team cutting aluminum and double checking live loads walking on the ramp. The roof team is waterproofing the sloped roof. The electical/lighting team is wiring and organizing the power for lighting and air handling. The interiors team picking materials and running to material libraries at two local Knoxville firms.

So today we were the perfect candate for Local Knoxville WATE News to drop by and interview us. But the rain decided to fall. We still talked and worked. Check us out tonight on channel 6 news at 11pm. Goodnight I’m tired. Headed to Barleys with the Finnish Interior Lighting Studio Team.

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  1. Amanda Gann permalink
    August 4, 2009 12:55 am

    Today we finished the detailing for the parallelogram boxes! 1″-12″ slope=4.67degrees! Good thing to know for the future! ADA would love us! Well probably not but we could be friends! We finished building the three flat boxes applying the white cedar boards! Progress!!!!
    Tomorrow we will make concrete pads and insert the anchor bolts. Place pieramids in jig. Finish that stuff up.
    -finish the parallelogram boxes (9-12)
    -start on stairs (2-5)
    -start on 3’6 box (maybe Wed.)

    We need to take measurements of the sidewalk before we build the last segment of the ramp.
    -angle of sidewalk.
    -distance from last piece.
    -place pavers.
    (p.s we need to get some!)

    LOTS TO DO! 3 days! GO TEAM!

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