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I agree. Its football season. Lets get to work.

September 4, 2009

I think that the wait is over. We have revealed the beast for the world to see and weather to work with us. After unveiling the prototype from benieth it’s many tarps, we are flashing and installing the last of our glass.

A month has gone by since the end of the class. We continued to work and do what we could. First we fixed to both secure structure and set the visitor’s mind at rest from our perfectly fine floating front edge. We placed another steel beam along the front where a majority of the circulation will be.

This semester we have three or more classes working towards projects to inform the Solar Decathlon. UT Zero is a research institute to document and to help organize the goals of gaining UT acceptance into this competition.

We need friends of all disciplines to pay close attention to what is to come. You will know what we are upto in time.

Important Note: This current project is not a Solar Decathlon Entry!!! UT Zero Energy House is a research prototype to investigate possible construction types, efficient mechanical and electrical engineering, and yearly monitoring to inform the competition. This fall UT and the team leaders will be sending a request for proposal to the Department of Energy’s competition.

UT Zero will still exist if UT does not get accepted into this 2011contest. We will continue to help organize multiple disciplinary student lead projects. We will still be investigating new ways to allow students to have design/build studios. We have so much more in store.

UTZEH = University of Tennessee Net Zero Energy House

Net Zero = What you consume, you produced!

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  1. Brent Castro permalink
    September 16, 2009 1:56 am

    That is some sexy glass right there_ Im so excited for it to get finished_

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