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We have arrived

October 15, 2009

I’m not sure if the silence on the bus was due to the boiling questions in eager minds or exhaustion from a week of reviews and exams. But we hit the road at 11pm and slowly fell asleep to a movie. Then the morning came and we stumbled into the hotel to retreat til we recovered.

Day One @ Solar Decathlon 2009. The light slow drizzle with a cold biting breeze wasn’t a halt nor a joy. We all split to tackle a varety of questions to our assigned teams. Teams of three approached each house to disect each project.

We took our time asking what systems each project was using. From simple to a fully integrated machine, notes were taken of what worked and failed. Most importantly teams learned how to ask questions. What questions were important and how we can use these projects as a platform in essences is to improve and push forward University of Tennessee’s Solar Decathlon proposal. UT Zero is a research platform for accelerating the work done across departments.

Let’s find some way to break barriers and develop something new by looking at a real world model. The Solar Decathlon itself is a generator. Making connections to the industry and departments. Ask how can we push both technology and the emotion of a home to the level of a managable Southeastern prototype.

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