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Having a blast, but why does it have to rain

October 17, 2009

For Photos from the trip. UT Zero Flickr.

Day Two and Three. The Solar Decathlon competition was. Utzero students are freezing but taking the oppurtunity to visit more houses. They wait in line along with the other thousand visitors. They are expected to compile a document of each house for record.

Aside students exploring all over DC, everyone is healthy but James.

The whole trip was so worth it. Establishing ourselves as a team of students can be seen more clearly now. The greatest goal was to create an understanding of what conversations need to occur across departments in terms of design and organization. Looking into developing philosophies could be the next task. Philosophies of systems in architecture, mechanics and the hiarchy of decisions help to balance communications internally and externally.

We made connections with university teams across the SD board. And we started new exciting friendships with others. We have a great task to take on but we must understand that if the Solar Decathlon is not what is in store for UT by January, UT Zero will still be alive generating new ideas, classes, connections between deptartments. A healthy productive team of students will still try to tackle problems even more crutial for UT and the Southeast.

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