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Thoughts on the Solar Decathlon and Our Future

October 21, 2009

Today we were in our Materials and Methods of Construction class and opened up a conversation that needed to happen. As it needed to happen, I need to relay these current thoughts.

Good design requires so much time. The massiveness of a building project such as the Solar Decathlon is demanding that we think and rethink the challenge. Technology can separate the concept from the building, create barriers that disconnect. But we must embrace complexity and the lists of things that we need to incorporate.

We collectively understood that this project needs to engage the questions that make a place and a fully integrated building system. We want a challenge to enjoy. We want to time to reflect. We want the design to involve every aspect of building technology.

But there is a nervousness the more we learn. Are we creating a complexity that is over the top? Are these principles overlapping? Do they make sense to jumble them all together?

As our professor was relating…”Please try…simplify everything.” From every detail to the full picture, I say take on one task at a time. To become a master juggler, start in singles until a no drop method is generated. UT Zero wants to help formulate this method.

The regulations, laws, and rules of the competition has to be approached with a simplicity of reinventing the way we talk as a school or organization. Working from the bottom up we must be unique, original and simple by having thought of the difference between relevant and irrelevant.

My question: What can UT bring that simplifies the task?

Could it be that designer is both engineer as well as architect? He must be in my eyes.

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